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In the middle of the holidays, you hear about that destination that you wish someone had mentioned before … Or you end up in a place that they sold you as incredible, and it was not.
  1. What are the 3 destinations that do not have exaggerated marketing budgets, but are the best.
  2. What is the most overrated destination that is not worth visiting. 
  3. The 4 golden rules to plan your trip to Costa Rica.

Booking a free 30 -min travel advisory call might be the best decision you can make before coming to Costa Rica.


It depends, if it is a package, the meeting point is the port of Sierpe.

However, if it is just one of our individual Corcovado tours. The meeting point is Drake Beach or any hotel near the town. 

Sierpe is located 5 hours by car from San José. To get to Sierpe you can drive with a rented vehicle or take a bus.

The buses are comfortable and air-conditioned.

To check the schedule, you can do it here:

You can drive to Sierpe, park your vehicle in one of the parking lots that charges $6 per night and then take the boat to Drake Bay. 

Or you can drive all the way to Drake Bay (only dry season) it is about 7.5 hrs from San José. 

The last option is to fly to Drake Bay from San José. This flight costs around $155 one way. 

You can check prices here:

Sierpe towards Drake Bay. 

11:30 am and 04:00 pm 

Drake Bay towards Sierpe 

07:30 am and 02:30 pm 

Our cabins have ocean view and are located 5min away from the beach. 


  • Private toilets. 
  • Coffee maker. 
  • Private balcony with ocean view. 
  • Bread toaster. 
  • Hot tub. 
  • The architecture is designed to allow a great amount of air current, therefore A/C is not needed and makes them eco-friendly. 
  • Restaurant. 
  • Gardens visited by toucans and macaws.
  • Wifi. 

5 days widlife photography tour in Osa. 

4 Day wildlife family tour in Drake Bay. 

Sirena Overnight tour. 

Sirena Day tour. 

Our groups are not bigger than 6 people in the overnights. 

And no bigger than 8 people on the day tours. 

Additionally, it is important to mention that we really try to put together groups that are compatible. 

6 days, 4 days and 8 days are packages designed for Adventure tourist that have a moderate physical condition and like to be active. 

The main difference between 6 days and 4 days is the fact that in the 6 days trip you will be able to visit the mangrove and the cano island. Likewise, you will spend the night in Corcovado instead of just visiting the park for the day. 

5 days wildlife vs 4 days wildlife. 

These tours are more for nature specialists, photographers, biology students and families. That are looking for observing wildlife without covering a lot of kilometers and from learning about nature. The hikes are low pace and the guides are nature specialists with a lot of knowledge to share. 

We have rain and dry season in Osa Peninsula. 

Which one is better? 

The dry season is the time when the migratory birds visit us, and it is a great time with blue skies and little rain. The problem is that it is more touristy and busy. 

The rainy season is not bad at all, except for October (not recommended). We have 9 months of rainy season. So, we are very use to rainy conditions. The good thing about our rain is that it doesn’t last more than 2 hrs. Then the rain is gone, and the animals come out. 

We have more life during the rainy season. And chances are that it only rains at night. 

Dry season: Jan 1st to April 15th 

Rainy season: Rest of the year.