If you are planning to come to Costa rica you should read this

You want to travel with peace of mind and assurance that everything will be fine … without having to worry about some unexpected change, some meaningless travel restriction or any risk that endangers your safety.

We know that these are difficult times to travel due to the uncertainty generated by the virus. For that reason, it is convenient to have a reliable and updated travel guide. As well as learning  to take advantage of the resources and advice of tourism experts.

We are Local tour guides, currently operating tours... We know from experience what is currently happening

It´s easy to find information about the travel restrictions in Costa Rica right now, but  most of the information is copied from other sources. In other words, they have no clue about what is really going on. On the contrary, we know first handed how it is to travel through Costa Rica right now and how it will be for the next month. 

One more thing, we are Costa Rican. In other words, we love to help people…

Many of our tourist are sharing with us their concerns and expectations about coming to Costa Rica. And we can feel them and their worries about their vacations. This is why we decided to create this free guide and make it available for anyone who wants to visit our beautiful country. 

We hope you can find all the necessary answers to your question, and if you don’t, please contact us. We will be happy to give you expert advice to help you to get the best from your vacations in Costa Rica. 

Hasta la vista! 

David Villanueva  – Guide and local expert.



Are this times really hard to travel? … Or are there really great opportunities to have unimagible vacations? 

  • #1 one thing you should know about Costa Rica´s health system . 
  • #2 Where is covid in Costa Rica and how avoiding it. Moreover how it´s actually going to be more fun. 
  • #3 Entry requirments, insurances,  travel restrictions in Costa Rica. 
And much more…
We are happy to help you living the “pura vida” and visiting our country. 
Download our free guide for Costa Rica travel restrictions now. 


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